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Marriage Equality Legislation Introduced

OYC Staff - Monday, January 16, 2012

Marriage Equality Legislation has been introduced in Olympia in the form of Senate Bill 6239 and it's companion bill HB 2516.  Below is the text of the original document introduced in the Senate.








State of Washington 62nd Legislature 2012 Regular Session


By Senators Murray, Pflug, Hobbs, Litzow, Kohl-Welles, Ranker, Tom,


Harper, Pridemore, Keiser, Kline, Regala, Eide, Rolfes, McAuliffe,

Brown, Nelson, Chase, Fraser, Frockt, Conway, Kilmer, and Prentice;

by request of Governor Gregoire


Read first time 01/16/12. Referred to Committee on Government

Operations, Tribal Relations & Elections


1 AN ACT Relating to providing equal protection for all families in

2 Washington by creating equality in civil marriage and changing the

3 domestic partnership laws, while protecting religious freedom; amending

4 RCW 26.04.010, 26.04.020, 26.04.050, 26.04.060, 26.04.070, 26.60.010,

5 26.60.030, 26.60.090, and 1.12.080; adding new sections to chapter

6 26.04 RCW; adding a new section to chapter 26.60 RCW; creating new

7 sections; and providing a contingent effective date.


9 NEW SECTION. Sec. 1. (1) It is the intent of this act to end

10 discrimination in marriage based on gender and sexual orientation in

11 Washington, to ensure that all persons in this state may enjoy the

12 freedom to marry on equal terms, while also respecting the religious

13 freedom of clergy and religious institutions to determine for whom to

14 perform marriage ceremonies and to determine which marriages to

15 recognize for religious purposes.

16 (2) No official of any religious denomination or nonprofit

17 institution authorized to solemnize marriages may be required to

18 solemnize any marriage in violation of his or her right to free

p. 1 SB 6239


1 exercise of religion guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United

2 States Constitution or by the Washington state Constitution.

3 Sec. 2. RCW 26.04.010 and 1998 c 1 s 3 are each amended to read as

4 follows:

5 (1) Marriage is a civil contract between ((a male and a female))

6 two persons who have each attained the age of eighteen years, and who

7 are otherwise capable.

8 (2) Every marriage entered into in which either ((the husband or

9 the wife)) person has not attained the age of seventeen years is void

10 except where this section has been waived by a superior court judge of

11 the county in which one of the parties resides on a showing of

12 necessity.

13 (3) Where necessary to implement the rights and responsibilities of

14 spouses under the law, gender specific terms such as husband and wife

15 used in any statute, rule, or other law must be construed to be gender

16 neutral and applicable to spouses of the same sex.

17 Sec. 3. RCW 26.04.020 and 1998 c 1 s 4 are each amended to read as

18 follows:

19 (1) Marriages in the following cases are prohibited:

20 (a) When either party thereto has a ((wife or husband)) spouse or

21 registered domestic partner living at the time of such marriage, unless

22 the registered domestic partner is the other party to the marriage; or

23 (b) When the ((husband and wife)) spouses are nearer of kin to each

24 other than second cousins, whether of the whole or half blood computing

25 by the rules of the civil law((; or

26 (c) When the parties are persons other than a male and a female)).

27 (2) It is unlawful for any ((man to marry his father's sister,

28 mother's sister, daughter, sister, son's daughter, daughter's daughter,

29 brother's daughter or sister's daughter; it is unlawful for any woman

30 to marry her father's brother, mother's brother, son, brother, son's

31 son, daughter's son, brother's son or sister's son)) person to marry

32 his or her sibling, child, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, or nephew.

33 (3) A marriage between two persons that is recognized as valid in

34 another jurisdiction is valid in this state only if the marriage is not

35 prohibited or made unlawful under subsection (1)(a)((, (1)(c),)) or (2)

36 of this section.

SB 6239 p. 2


1 (4) A legal union, other than a marriage, between two individuals

2 that was validly formed in another state or jurisdiction and that

3 provides substantially the same rights, benefits, and responsibilities

4 as a marriage, does not prohibit those same two individuals from

5 obtaining a marriage license in Washington.

6 Sec. 4. RCW 26.04.050 and 2007 c 29 s 1 are each amended to read

7 as follows:

8 (1) The following named officers and persons, active or retired,

9 are hereby authorized to solemnize marriages, to wit: Justices of the

10 supreme court, judges of the court of appeals, judges of the superior

11 courts, supreme court commissioners, court of appeals commissioners,

12 superior court commissioners, any regularly licensed or ordained

13 minister or any priest, imam, rabbi, or similar official of any church

14 or religious denomination, and judges of courts of limited jurisdiction

15 as defined in RCW 3.02.010.

16 (2) No regularly licensed or ordained minister or any priest, imam,

17 rabbi, or similar official of any church or religious denomination is

18 required to solemnize any marriage. A refusal to solemnize any

19 marriage under this section by a regularly licensed or ordained

20 minister or priest, imam, rabbi, or similar official of any church or

21 religious denomination does not create a civil claim or cause of

22 action. No state agency or local government may base a decision to

23 penalize, withhold benefits from, or refuse to contract with any church

24 or religious denomination on the refusal of a person associated with

25 such church or religious denomination to solemnize a marriage under

26 this section.

27 Sec. 5. RCW 26.04.060 and 1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 42 s 25 are each

28 amended to read as follows:

29 A marriage solemnized before any person professing to be a minister

30 or a priest ((of any)), imam, rabbi, or similar official of any church

31 or religious denomination in this state or professing to be an

32 authorized officer thereof, is not void, nor shall the validity thereof

33 be in any way affected on account of any want of power or authority in

34 such person, if such marriage be consummated with a belief on the part

35 of the persons so married, or either of them, that they have been

36 lawfully joined in marriage.

p. 3 SB 6239


1 Sec. 6. RCW 26.04.070 and Code 1881 s 2383 are each amended to

2 read as follows:

3 In the solemnization of marriage no particular form is required,

4 except that the parties thereto shall assent or declare in the presence

5 of the minister, priest, imam, rabbi, or similar official of any church

6 or religious denomination, or judicial officer solemnizing the same,

7 and in the presence of at least two attending witnesses, that they take

8 each other to be husband and wife.

9 NEW SECTION. Sec. 7. A new section is added to chapter 26.04 RCW

10 to read as follows:

11 (1) Consistent with the law against discrimination, chapter 49.60

12 RCW, no religious organization is required to provide accommodations,

13 facilities, advantages, privileges, services, or goods related to the

14 solemnization or celebration of a marriage unless the organization

15 offers admission, occupancy, or use of those accommodations or

16 facilities to the public for a fee, or offers those advantages,

17 privileges, services, or goods to the public for sale.

18 (2) A refusal by any religious organization to provide

19 accommodations, facilities, advantages, privileges, services, or goods

20 related to the solemnization or celebration of a marriage does not

21 create a civil claim or cause of action unless the organization offers

22 those accommodations, facilities, advantages, privileges, services, or

23 goods to the public in transactions governed by law against

24 discrimination, chapter 49.60 RCW.

25 Sec. 8. RCW 26.60.010 and 2007 c 156 s 1 are each amended to read

26 as follows:

27 Many Washingtonians are in intimate, committed, and exclusive

28 relationships with another person to whom they are not legally married.

29 These relationships are important to the individuals involved and their

30 families; they also benefit the public by providing a private source of

31 mutual support for the financial, physical, and emotional health of

32 those individuals and their families. The public has an interest in

33 providing a legal framework for such mutually supportive relationships,

34 whether the partners are of the same or different sexes, and

35 irrespective of their sexual orientation.

SB 6239 p. 4


1 ((The legislature finds that same sex couples, because they cannot

2 marry in this state, do not automatically have the same access that

3 married couples have to certain rights and benefits, such as those

4 associated with hospital visitation, health care decision-making, organ

5 donation decisions, and other issues related to illness, incapacity,

6 and death. Although many of these rights and benefits may be secured

7 by private agreement, doing so often is costly and complex.))

8 The legislature ((also)) finds that the public interest would be

9 served by extending rights and benefits to ((different sex)) couples in

10 which either or both of the partners ((is)) are at least sixty-two

11 years of age. While these couples are entitled to marry under the

12 state's marriage statutes, some social security and pension laws

13 nevertheless make it impractical for these couples to marry. For this

14 reason, chapter 156, Laws of 2007 specifically allows couples to enter

15 into a state registered domestic partnership if one of the persons is

16 at least sixty-two years of age, the age at which many people choose to

17 retire and are eligible to begin collecting social security and pension

18 benefits.

19 The rights granted to state registered domestic partners in chapter

20 156, Laws of 2007 will further Washington's interest in promoting

21 family relationships and protecting family members during life crises.

22 Chapter 156, Laws of 2007 does not affect marriage or any other ways in

23 which legal rights and responsibilities between two adults may be

24 created, recognized, or given effect in Washington.

25 Sec. 9. RCW 26.60.030 and 2007 c 156 s 4 are each amended to read

26 as follows:

27 To enter into a state registered domestic partnership the two

28 persons involved must meet the following requirements:

29 (1) Both persons share a common residence;

30 (2) Both persons are at least eighteen years of age and at least

31 one of the persons is sixty-two years of age or older;

32 (3) Neither person is married to someone other than the party to

33 the domestic partnership and neither person is in a state registered

34 domestic partnership with another person;

35 (4) Both persons are capable of consenting to the domestic

36 partnership; and

37 (5) Both of the following are true:

p. 5 SB 6239


1 (a) The persons are not nearer of kin to each other than second

2 cousins, whether of the whole or half blood computing by the rules of

3 the civil law; and

4 (b) Neither person is a sibling, child, grandchild, aunt, uncle,

5 niece, or nephew to the other person((; and

6 (6) Either (a) both persons are members of the same sex; or (b) at

7 least one of the persons is sixty-two years of age or older)).

8 NEW SECTION. Sec. 10. A new section is added to chapter 26.60 RCW

9 to read as follows:

10 (1) Partners in a state registered domestic partnership may apply

11 and receive a marriage license and have such marriage solemnized

12 pursuant to chapter 26.04 RCW, so long as the parties are otherwise

13 eligible to marry, and the parties to the marriage are the same as the

14 parties to the state registered domestic partnership.

15 (2) A state registered domestic partnership is dissolved by

16 operation of law by any marriage of the same parties to each other, as

17 of the date of the marriage stated in the certificate.

18 (3)(a) Except as provided in (b) of this subsection, any state

19 registered domestic partnership in which the parties are the same sex,

20 and neither party is sixty-two years of age or older, that has not been

21 dissolved or converted into a marriage by the parties by June 30, 2014,

22 is automatically merged into a marriage and is deemed a marriage as of

23 June 30, 2014.

24 (b) If the parties to a state registered domestic partnership have

25 proceedings for dissolution, annulment, or legal separation pending as

26 of June 30, 2014, the parties' state registered domestic partnership is

27 not automatically merged into a marriage and the dissolution,

28 annulment, or legal separation of the state registered domestic

29 partnership is governed by the provisions of the statutes applicable to

30 state registered domestic partnerships in effect before June 30, 2014.

31 If such proceedings are finalized without dissolution, annulment, or

32 legal separation, the state registered domestic partnership is

33 automatically merged into a marriage and is deemed a marriage as of

34 June 30, 2014.

35 (4) For purposes of determining the legal rights and

36 responsibilities involving individuals who had previously had a state

37 registered domestic partnership and have been issued a marriage license

SB 6239 p. 6


1 or are deemed married under the provisions of this section, the date of

2 the original state registered domestic partnership is the legal date of

3 the marriage. Nothing in this subsection prohibits a different date

4 from being included on the marriage license.

5 NEW SECTION. Sec. 11. A new section is added to chapter 26.04 RCW

6 to read as follows:

7 If two persons in Washington have a legal union, other than a

8 marriage, that:

9 (1) Was validly formed in another state or jurisdiction;

10 (2) Provides substantially the same rights, benefits, and

11 responsibilities as a marriage; and

12 (3) Does not meet the definition of domestic partnership in RCW

13 26.60.030,

14 then they shall be treated as having the same rights and

15 responsibilities as married spouses in this state, unless:

16 (a) Such relationship is prohibited by RCW 26.04.020 (1)(a) or (2);

17 or

18 (b) They become permanent residents of Washington state and do not

19 enter into a marriage within one year after becoming permanent

20 residents.

21 Sec. 12. RCW 26.60.090 and 2011 c 9 s 1 are each amended to read

22 as follows:

23 A legal union, other than a marriage, of two persons ((of the same

24 sex)) that was validly formed in another jurisdiction, and that is

25 substantially equivalent to a domestic partnership under this chapter,

26 shall be recognized as a valid domestic partnership in this state and

27 shall be treated the same as a domestic partnership registered in this

28 state regardless of whether it bears the name domestic partnership.

29 Sec. 13. RCW 1.12.080 and 2011 c 9 s 2 are each amended to read as

30 follows:

31 For the purposes of this code and any legislation hereafter enacted

32 by the legislature or by the people, with the exception of chapter

33 26.04 RCW, the terms spouse, marriage, marital, husband, wife, widow,

34 widower, next of kin, and family shall be interpreted as applying

35 equally to state registered domestic partnerships or individuals in

p. 7 SB 6239


1 state registered domestic partnerships as well as to marital

2 relationships and married persons, and references to dissolution of

3 marriage shall apply equally to state registered domestic partnerships

4 that have been terminated, dissolved, or invalidated, unless the

5 legislation expressly states otherwise and to the extent that such

6 interpretation does not conflict with federal law. Where necessary to

7 implement chapter 521, Laws of 2009 and this act, gender-specific terms

8 such as husband and wife used in any statute, rule, or other law shall

9 be construed to be gender neutral, and applicable to individuals in

10 state registered domestic partnerships and spouses of the same sex.

11 NEW SECTION. Sec. 14. (1) Within sixty days after the effective

12 date of this section, the secretary of state shall send a letter to the

13 mailing address on file of each same-sex domestic partner registered

14 under chapter 26.60 RCW notifying the person that Washington's law on

15 the rights and responsibilities of state registered domestic partners

16 will change in relation to certain same-sex registered domestic

17 partners.

18 (2) The notice must provide a brief summary of the new law and must

19 clearly state that provisions related to certain same-sex registered

20 domestic partnerships will change as of the effective dates of this

21 act, and that those same-sex registered domestic partnerships that are

22 not dissolved prior to June 30, 2014, will be converted to marriage as

23 an act of law.

24 (3) The secretary of state shall send a second similar notice to

25 the mailing address on file of each domestic partner registered under

26 chapter 26.60 RCW by May 1, 2014.

27 NEW SECTION. Sec. 15. Sections 8 and 9 of this act take effect

28 June 30, 2014, but only if all other provisions of this act are

29 implemented.




--- END ---



SB 6239 p.

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ui réfutent les arguments présentés par l'auteur eurocentrique célèbres, tels que karl marx et de renforcer sa théorie selon laquelle l'exploitation de l 'europe d'amérique ouvre la voie à la domination du monde. ses arguments sont les suivants (page 2 européens n'avaient aucun avantage sur l'afrique et l'asie avant 1492. en effet, nous ne pouvons pas dire que la culture européenne est supérieure à celle de l'afrique et de l'asie pour les deux derniers régions a ses propres avantages économiques et culturels \ncomme s'opposer à à l'idée de la théorie eurocentrique qui dit que leur faible culture abouti à leur civilisation faibles, d'afrique et d'a

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etags controlthe desperat universitet omedelbart gjorde alternativa arrangemang f\nr att skaffa datorer, och var s\nker av fujitsu att datorerna skulle levereras i r\ntt tid. men citerade fujitsu en var 20 fler \nn vad som hade avtalats med peerless. den olyckliga universitet annulleras sitt kontrakt med peerless och fick datorerna fr\nn fujitsu. d\nrefter skickade universitetet ett konto peerless f\nr
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his typ av skador, \nven kallad ...k\nra huvud: svenska constitutionenglish konstitution namn] introductionthe roll domstolar och myndigheter i r\nttslig pr\nvning \nr att se till att de offentliga myndigheterna agerar lagenligt alla s\ndana myndigheter omfattas av r\nttsstatsprincipen och f\nr inte agera ` maktmissbruk (utanf\nr deras befogenheter. kraften som regeringen har komme
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6. usa b\nr prioritera denna avdelning f\nr att bek\nmpa dessa illegala invandrare genom att ge det mer arbetskraft, finansiering och jurisdictionanother juridiskt problem med deportera illegala invandrare \nr f\nrvirringen mellan de skyldigheter som lokala, statliga och federala myndigheter ibland detta f\nrvirring v\nnder sig till fientlighet, som bara gynnar de illegala invandrarna. interi\nren och c
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policymanual ( waller , carl , 1999 . dessa includethe politiska inslag bidrar till att g\nra villkoren f\nr bed\nmningen att vara i rim med g\nllande arbetsr\ntten som samt fungera som ett s\ntt att m\nta framtida performanceit \nkar att g\nra bed\nmningen aktiviteter f\nr att vara en stark styrning och kontroll toolstrong officiell mellan flera aspekter av en organisations verksamhet f\nrb\nttras ocks\n gen

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..Politics and Deregulation PoliciesIn the administration of former President Ronald Reagan , many reforms policies , and regulations had been made in to fully attain his goals and desires for the United States . He was widely known for his charisma and ability to persuade people . These characteristics were very useful for him as a President most especially in time of Cold War and international conflicts . He was widely recognized for his actions toward USSR (now known as Russia ) during the late 1980 's and his influence to Mikhail Gorbachev which led to the
e highlights taxes as central to McCain 's economic plan . The slogan for McCain 's economic plan is Taxes Simpler , Fair , Pro-Growth , And Competitive (McCain-Palin , 2008 . The Arizona Senator provides a six-point plan to accomplish his tax plan (1 Keep taxes low (2 ) Reduce corporate tax rate 25 from 35 (3 ) Allow first-year deduction , or Expensing , of equipment and technology investments (4 ) Establish a permanent tax credit equal to 10 of wages spent on R D (5...NameUniversityCourseInstructorDateHow Economic Issues Influence Regime Stability in China and RussiaIntroductionThere exist observable differences in the
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eading to drastic and disastrous consequencesInside Pecola 's shoe she hides her treasure : three pennies to get her nine Mary Janes . Inside the store , she encounters Mr . Yacobowski , who urges his eyes out of his thoughts to encounter her (Morrison 41 He has blue eyes that are blear-dropped , which he focuses on Pecola as he looms up over the counter (Morrison 41 ' ButSomewhere between retina and object , between vision and view , his eyes draw back , hesitate , and hover . At some fixed point in time and space he senses that he need not waste the effort of a glance . He does not see her , because for him there is n
gasoline is also dependent on the processes involved in its production and marketing . The production of gasoline involves the finding , extracting and the transportation of crude oil which is further refined to produce gasoline . This is then distributed and marketed to the retailers and then to the consumers . This continuum of processes is called the chain of production and it connects an international network of producers , refiners , traders and consumers of petroleum products Meaning , the market is composed of lots of participants , all involved in the facilitation of the movement of oil from production to marketi

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especially a risky behavior

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den kristne tro of heaven men ligesom muslimerne, de kristne tror, \n\nat der vil v\nre en dom daybuddhists, muslimer, j\nder og kristne, ligesom deres gamle forf\ndre alle mente, at d\nden ikke er enden. der er meningsforskelle, men hvad der sker, n\nr d\nden er indtruffet, og ligesom de gamle, er der lige s\n mange overbevisninger, som der er religionsreferenceshyperlink \"adams, r e (1997 gamle civilisationer i den nye verden boulder, co...: . westview press hentet 21 mar 2007, fra questia database:...\n....
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politi afdeling oprettes og \nndres london retsh\nndh\nvelsesordninger . det leveres som en model for de nye amerikanske byer. landdistrikterne i amerika ikke kr\nvede s\ndanne komplekse politi ordninger og s\n den enklere konstabel systemet blev fulgt. da befolkningen begyndte stigende i og med den h\nje sats for indvandring, \nkonomisk udvikling i usa , blev det sv\nrt for politiet at kontrollere kriminalitet og vold i bybefolkningen . the new york city har vedtaget systemet samme som london metropolitan pol
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her mahatma gandhi , og vise, hvordan disse filosofier har r\nrt og forandret mig og min udsigter i liv samt hvordan det hjalp mig til at g\n gennem livet og g\n denne jord med et glad hjerte og med en optimistisk sind . vi ved alle, at verden ikke drejer sig om de gode ting og oftest end ikke , vi don 't altid f\n vores vej og normalt indstilling os op for skuffelse og forlader os frustrerede og forf\nrdet . disse kloge og inspirerende ord af denne filosof , gjorde det nemt for mig at g\n gennem livet p\n tr
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er forbindelsen mellem det og the book of fantasy, redigeret af jorge luis borges, adolfo bioy casares, og silvina ocampo `bogen, frankenstein: eller a modern prometheus viste le guin, at fantasy 'ikke n\ndvendigvis kr\nver tilstedev\nrelse af imagin\nre ting . frankenstein havde karakteristika, der blev henf\nres til den normale mennesker, mens kildrende fantasien af \n\nl\nserne. desuden bog fantasy ber\nrer ogs\n fantasien af \n\nmennesker, og hvor meget disse kan indarbejdes i det virkelige liv. de to b\nger va;u=2217

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e, si temeva che i ricavi del settore alberghiero ...entrapment1) entrapment è definita come atto di agenti o funzionari governativi che induce una persona a commettere un crimine che lui o lei non precedentemente disposto a commettere (enciclopedia west 's della legge americana, 1998 entrapment è una difesa che può essere utilizzato in una delle procedimento penale, stabilendo che l'idea del delitto è stata avviata dal funziona
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zona di new york. nel 1898, new york city allegato cinque quartieri e durante la notte, la città era il più grande del mondo. i cinque quartieri più aggiungere un extra di sette milioni di persone alla popolazione di new york e contribuire all'impatto sociale, storico e finanziario di new york city. dal 2000 al 2005, città di new york ha registrato un aumento della popolazione di 232, 000 peoplethe storia di new york è interess
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's e il concetto di risultati dei lavoratori - analisi e discussione a) il settore agricolo nel 1800, si è riscontrato che i bambini sono stati ampiamente coinvolti nel settore agricolo b) il settore industriale nel 1820, 23 bambini al di sotto dei 15 anni erano in vigore e di produzione lavoro. g. tessile, esso è diminuito nel 1840 fino a quando il c 20esimo a metà del 1800, che i maschi tra i 15 ei 20, come apprendisti, ma è

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pposed tradition . J .J Rousseau 's ideologies exerted much more direct influence on the masses of France and imposed the doctrine for Popular Sovereignty , and when the ancient legislative body of France , the Estates-General , reconvened , the officials and nobility refused to forfeit any of their privileges even for the overall interest of nation this was enough for the French bourgeoisie to reach the boiling point (The Columbia Encyclopedia , 2006This French Revolution was thus a war to bring forth in the world the humanity which was thwarted and thus was born Democracy which had a universal appealREFERANCE1 . The Co
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ir de plusieurs perspectives sociologiques , certains d'entre eux ont tendance à supposer que les taux croissants de divorce en amérique sont les résultats directs de l'évolution du statut des femmes dans la société américaine . en d'autres termes , où les femmes recherchent la liberté de la réalisation de soi et l'expression de soi , cette recherche augmente inévitablement le taux de divorce . il convient de noter que, bien que les dernières décennies ont été marquées par le nombre croissant de divorces , il n'existe aucune preuve convaincante que l'évolution du statut des femmes dans la société occidentale ont augmenté les taux de divorce plut
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mit anderen religionen in europa und wird geglaubt, hatten einen gro\nen einfluss auf die die christlichen praktiken (hyperlink \"http / www. withway. net\" www. withway. net. dies ist vor millionen von anh\nnger wurden von den r\nmischen katholiken wahrgenommen, hexen, heiden, und mit satanischen tendenciesfrom 1950 's wicca religion verfolgt erlebt hat eine rasche expansion und wachstum in europa und amerika, die erfassung der seelen von tausenden von menschen, die sich vom mainstream, die zu starr und konservativ (sind rebellieren m
auben an die ewige kraft der eltern geschrieben, ein napve überzeugungen, alters-und gebrauchsspuren überwunden werden k\nnnten durch eine anstrengung wird, dass alles, was sie brauchte eine gute peep diskussion um eine markieren geist (baker, 1982, 0,11 aufzuladen war. obwohl das breitere umfeld ist nicht unterstützend, sondern gleichgültig, baker dennoch wird in einer gro\nen familie gebracht, als seine mutter lebt mit seine gro\nmutter und sein onkel seit einiger zeit als ergebnis der junge t\nglichen interaktion mit gleichaltrige
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gibt es immer noch viele orte auf dem kontinent, wo die alten traditionen weiterhin praktiziert werden. die alten glauben der menschen in afrika sind so vielf\nltig wie sie sind, dennoch gibt es einige gemeinsamkeiten in diesen religionen gefunden werden, der auf einen noch \nlteren gemeinsamen ursprung tief in timemami wata ist eine solche alten afrikanischen religi\nsen tradition. diese religion konzentriert sich auf die verehrung einer reihe von wassergeister 0,1 derzeit mami wata wird haupts\nchlich in togo und benin praktiziert, obw
d gekommen, um die haltung unserer kultur ohne kritische prüfung und sie im lichte der heiligen schrift zu akzeptieren. auf der einen seite gibt es die chauvi bewegung getarnt als m\nnnlichkeit. auf sein die andere, gibt es die frauen 's lib feminize bewegung getarnt als freiheit. beide sind absolut falsch. unsere auffassung von der ehe beginnt mit unserer perspektive. in zu vermeiden, kommen zu falschen schlüssen über die ehe, müssen wir die h\nufigsten fehler bei der definition zu vermeiden marriagethe fehler ist die ehe nur als

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mantenere la testa fuori waterquestion 2. ciò è dovuto alla costituzione del soggetto giuridico in cui miglio governare una provincia certa è stato lasciato al leader etnica o religiosa nella zona. questo ha dato un senso di indipendenza che sedare la ribellione e lasciato il giorno per giorno le attività ai dirigenti che hanno familiarità con la cultura e issuesquestion 3. sono stati in grado di gettare le basi della religion
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ndblood autore] blood diamond ?/ istituzione] storia diamondin sangue, era il 1866 che il primo diamante è stato ufficialmente scoperto e in sud africa. hope town, sud africa, ha affermato che le gemme prima abbaglianti sono stati trovati al loro posto. ai primi tempi modo di sud africa 's di esistenza era attraverso l'agricoltura. tutta l'evoluzione e lo sviluppo del contemporaneo industriale sud africa hanno ini
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ssono prendere nel caso in cui a malincuore le dimissioni a causa delle condizioni inaccettabili nei luoghi di lavoro che costituisce licenziamento implicito e il trattamento sleale (2008although legge mobbing 'ci sono numerose leggi che indirettamente riguardano il mobbing sul posto di lavoro, non è possibile seguire il grado di risoluzione di questo problema sul posto di lavoro in quanto denunce assumono la forma di discriminazio
ti i fattori rilevanti che rientrano gli interessi privati \n\ne pubblici headsthe corte dell'11 o circuito ha continuato a spiegare che la interessi privati \n\npreoccupazione è l'interesse dei ricorrenti e tali interessi sono più importanti interessi pubblici. solo quando è gli interessi privati \n\nsono a 'un equilibrio allora il giudice è tenuto ad esaminare le questioni di interesse pubblico. questioni private sono preoccupato co

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ence har altid v\nret en del af ens daglige liv. mange kan ikke tydeligt m\nrke til det, men den videnskabelige viden anvendes hver dag hundreder af \nr siden, de s\nkaldte `forskerne i de samfund blot stole p\n g\ntterier, og de sandsynligvis troede deres vage teorier ben\ngte det faktum, at de kan, eller ikke kan , modbevise s\ndan. teorier var foresl\net af tidlige videnskabsm\nnd, der var blevet senere modbevist p\n grund af forskellige unders\ngelser og metoder, der anvendes af videnskaben. en stor og popul\nr
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de gennem alle de tusinder af \nrs tidligere br fremskridt af civilisation p\n grund af anvendelsen af \n\nvidenskabelig viden, der er akkumuleret i l\nbet af de sidste tre \nrhundreder. virkningen af \n\nvidenskab om samfundet har v\nret enorm, fundamentalt og helt omdanne alle facetter af civilisation landbrug, medicin og sundhedsv\nsen, telekommunikation, transport, edb, social liv og s\n videre, alt er blevet fuldst\nndigt omformet af magtfulde kr\nfter videnskabelige fremskridt (carlisle, 2004however til trods
ntekst og issuethis sag vedr\nrer en europ\nisk life sciences transnational selskab, der har erhvervet en lille indenlandsk analysefirmaet i det forenede kongerige den overtagende selskab var behov for specialiseret forskning og testfaciliteter i et nyt omr\nde af bioteknologi, og det engelske selskab blev et egnet forslag er blevet oprettet ved en akademiker med en banebrydende rekord i de relevante fieldthe oprindelige kulturer af de to organisationer er helt anderledes med den selskabsskat, der har et
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lse tilskud program og anerkendte behovet for planer om at tage fat p\n de kritiske problemer, som arealkildeforurening. efterf\nlgende enactments har modificerede nogle af de tidligere clean water act bestemmelser. revisioner i 1981 har str\nmlinet den kommunale bygning tilskud proces, forbedre mulighederne i rensningsanl\nggene bygget under programmet. \nndringer i 1987 har udfaset opf\nrelse tilskud program, der erstatter den med staten vandforurening styr revolverende fond, mere almindeligt kendt som cle

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That there is no dialogue seems to enhance rather than detract from the performance , for the dancers themselves with their seemingly effortless leaps , twists and turns their graceful flowing motions tell the story no words are necessary .Sometime ago I had the opportunity to watch a ballet performance at the Metropolitan...Effects of European Colonization on Africa South of SaharaThe European colonization of African countries south of Sahara was marked with chaos which was not experienced there before . Long before the Europeans came to Africa , the communities lived in their traditional ways of life even though the
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ts in a fractured form than they would from...NameProfessorSubjectDateLiterature and MeIn college , learning literature was not as easy as I had expected . I had gone through high school reading books , and found them very entertaining as much as they taught me how to write well . During my first year in college , I was known to my immediate group of friends that I was the literary ' one , the proof being the fact that was I always accompanied by a book wherever I went . But when it came to studying literature in college , I
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ed of computers have also affected business organization and the business processes and has given new transactions for the accounting profession to capture data and process data and provide information which will enable decision makers to make sound economic decisions to add value to the firm . This has given accountants to design internal control systems assurance systems toProtect privacy , security and integrity of data and integrity in data processing procedures and practices . Th
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n eventually turn out to be not true in the media industry . It is a situation that takes place when a journalist is able to make a presentation or coverage of a particular with all the details and angles of a story being correct . However , being accurate does not necessarily and actually mean that what the journalist has reported is true as it could turn out not to be real or genuine . This characterized a situation or the issue of leaking unconfirmed or unchecked pieces of informati

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icolo per affari, l'etica e la legge come importanti regole sociali con gravi sanzioni ...numero studenti : nome ______________________module : codice _____________________________module : nome ____________________________tutorial tutor ' s : carta _________________________synopsisthis esamina le origini significato e le applicazioni del codice di condotta shariah . si analizza il ruolo della shariah come sistema politico e la confr
ppure, potrebbe anche essere il caso che si potrebbe usare per minacciare la vita degli altri anche di qui, essendo dotato e l'utilizzo di pistola dovrebbe essere responsabilmente effettuata da personale autorizzato individualsthesis statement:. individui speciali, dettate da circostanze particolari e legittimi, devono avere la possibilità di possedere, trasportare, e utilizzare armi per la loro protezione, nonché per il loro comp
o ...buildingthe concetto di squadra di team building è praticamente la congiunzione delle capacità di idee e risorse dei diversi singoli membri in uno sforzo o azione verso il loro obiettivo comune. sotto questo aspetto, i membri recanti lo stato diversificato tra loro deve essere in grado di abbattere i muri delle differenze e metti giù insieme i loro sforzi e le azioni in uno i membri devono avere un accordo con l'altro sotto
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distrettuale non perseguire un caso omicidio colposo contro kennedy. kennedy è stato solo accusato di lasciare una scena di incidente dopo consapevolmente provocare lesioni. si è dichiarato colpevole ed è stato condannato a due mesi soltanto carcere. sua patente 's è stato revocato per un anno. in una torsione a sorpresa, il giudice ...titolo : iraniani lotta delle donne per la libertà : prima e dopo la revolutionnamecoursetut

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wenn sie von keinem nutzen \", um sie mehr wieder. sie haben eine bereits zurückgebliebenen regierung und justiz besch\ndigt, machte die einwanderung h\nrter als je zuvor, und sogar offen schlachten ihre feinde und zeitgenossen, nur um zu machen ein beispiel themthese kindes verwendung bekannter machen self-made k\nnige jedes jahr millionen, leben das leben von luxus wie ihre untergebenen datenverkehr wie gef\nhrliche drogen wie kokain, heroin, und in letzter zeit, methamphetamin (wikipediacities wie tijuana, mexico city, juarez, nuevo
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für die technologie, die gestaltung der website, die marketing-strategien, die sie verwenden, die entscheidungen, was zu verkaufen und wie es über das internet verkaufen, die vorteile der online-kommunikation mit kunden und lieferanten, die risiken der gesch\nftst\ntigkeit im internet. die sorten von aufgaben, die man hat, um zu verfolgen, sind die entwicklung einer e-commerce-plan, die erforschung der verschiedenen technologien, die wettbewerbsf\nhig sind im e-business verwendet, internet-marketing strategien sicherheit und ethik. de
aufgrund des geschlechts kann richtig adressen sein von den trainingsprogrammen diese programme müssen richtig geplant werden, wie die planung ist einer der fundamentalen bausteine \n\ndie arbeiter in wie soll erzogen werden bei der arbeit kommunizieren die globale etablierung lebt von der schaffung von sozialen beziehungen analyse der ausbildungsprogramme aren 't erfolgreich zu sein, da es eine breite sprachbarriere zwischen den ausbildern und auszubildenden. es ist die aufgabe der ausbilder zu lehren ihre schüler die kunst der komm
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ich mit einer intuitiven ergebnis für eine bestimmte sache in concerncertainly, der film direkt verh\nngte die argumentation auf die tatsache, dass unterschiede zwischen den geschlechtern in der tat auf die pers\nnlichen dispositionen einer person auf bestimmte fragen im leben. darüber, wie darstellung der beziehungen zwischen den menschen aufgrund einiger verbindungen, dass sie mit jedem anderen shows haben, dass die menschen in der lage einstellung selbst in der lage sein, andere in ihrem streben unterstützt sowie sich beachten si

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det i deres consequencesthis er et sp\nrgsm\nl om individuelle selv opfyldelse bygning betydninger omkring tro at skabe en filosofi, der tjener til forudprogrammere og struktur liv visioner og v\nrdier. de sp\nrgsm\nl om filosofi, mening, tilfredshed og lykke altid g\nr h\nnd i h\nnd. lykken derfor er et sp\nrgsm\nl om deltagelse p\n noget, der har v\nrd og v\nrdi for den person, der igen kan give ham hans personlige definition af f\nlelse af tilfredsstillelse. en masse mennesker er ulykkelige, fordi de kr\nvede for
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odybooks tage os til steder kun vores fantasi kan tage os. vi kan v\nre i to forskellige steder p\n samme tid. det er, hvad b\nger kan faktisk g\nre for os. men den virkelige gl\nde er, n\nr vi har skridt til det sted, vi har \nnsket at v\nre. traveling uplifts \nnden p\n en m\nde ingen andre erfaringer kan. n\nr du bes\nger naturen, du f\nler mest afslappende f\nlelse, som du wouldn 't \nnsker at endthere er s\n meget gl\nde i rejser, at jeg vil huske ud over dette liv. n\nr vi rejser, er vi udsat for de mange l\nkkerier
passiv d\ndshj\nlp kan ogs\n blive udstillet ved at stoppe n\ndvendige og afg\nrende medicinske procedurer, medicin og lignende ligeledes ved at stoppe mad samt vandindtag s\nledes at den person eller patienten til at dehydrere og eller sulte ihjel er ogs\n en anden manifestation af en passiv type euthanasiaphysician d\ndshj\nlp, i kontrast med de to andre n\nvnte typer, er denne type eutanasi, hvor en professionel inden for medicin stiller til r\ndighed for hans eller hendes patient den n\ndvendige information og
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at jeg er, alt taget i betragtning, en optimistisk personfirstly mener jeg, at jeg er en optimistisk person, f\nrst og fremmest fordi jeg tendens til at se p\n livet som rejse mod en bedre og lysere fremtid. p\n samme m\nde, ogs\n jeg er tilb\njelig til at tro, at fremtiden bringer en masser af l\nfter ikke kun for mig, men ogs\n for mine k\nre. disse livsperspektiver, hvis jeg m\n n\nvne, bedst eksemplificere mine bliver en optimist mange gange, jeg ofte fange mig selv forestiller gode ting om fremtiden - en lov

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y focused on the specific field of work . Based on the contents of the attached document , Oticon has effectively incorporated IT into the office . Technology does not thus enable its use for it defines how organizations are formed and how work is done each day . Further strategic plans are not related to the long-term plan of the business Rather , they relate to the productivity of the employees . It is thus deduced that for productivity to be to be at its best , organizations have t
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or company , it is important to recruit and employ the best , qualified employees to help the organization in fulfilling its objectives and organizational goals . Employees acquiring the adequate talent , skills , and competency are hired to promote , to project , and to motivate an existing working environment with employees who are competent , productive and efficient members of the workforce . Strategic recruitment strategies then , are important to attract qualified candidates for the existing vacant job position /s (Heathfield , 2009BodyRecruitment , Selection and HiringIn effective recruitment , selection , and hiri
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, and once the needs of a lower group have been fulfilled , the individual would go on to aiming at and fulfilling the needs of the next higher hierarchy group . The five hierarch groups suggested by Maslow include `basic or physiological needs (such as food , water , clothing , etc , `safety and security needs (such as insurance , protection , security devices , etc `belongingness needs (such as friends , family , social relationships children , marriage , etc , `esteem and status ne
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, it yields to the thought that language is composed of aggregate separate units called words ' which is to a separate meaning that is determined as times and history changed In his lectures that were later on collected to become the book entitled Course of Linguistics , he insisted that language should be studied not in its individual parts but in terms of the relationships created between and among these parts . This is because of his contentment that language as a when altered at particular times . Language has a valid existence on its own through the sound and speech of its speakers . This existence can readily be d

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ostra vision operazioni : per i passeggeri e clienti in primo piano e per essere un 'leader' nel mercato nazionale , regionale, nazionale e internazionale all'interno all'interno aerolineas argentinas aerolineas argentinas key executives miguel andreau - head of operations moreno pacheco - capo della compagnia antonio torroella , guillermo rios , carlos regunaga - direzione officers di amministrazione julio cesar alak - presidente e
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rtuno identificare i leader più importanti che hanno contribuito a forma di oggi 's classe operaia e le sue idee. il libro out of the hoffa junglejimmy e il nuovo della classe operaia americana 'di thaddeus russell approfondisce lo sfondo di jimmy hoffa, uno dei leader più ispiratori della classe operaia americana ed esamina la trasformazione del movimento operaio è stato sottoposto a questo periodo va notato che il libro si basa
di libertà diritti umani, la violenza, la pace e tutto ciò attribuendo al proprio benessere e per il benessere degli altri e della comunità in generale. kant ha riconosciuto nelle sue argomentazioni che, a parte il rispetto e il dovere, atti umani di conseguenza sulla base delle sue inclinazioni e, o peggio, per paura. tuttavia, è stato sottolineato che con l'obbedienza alla legge le azioni sarebbero in conformità alla legge e
ne 's diritti si intrecciano con questioni razziali. women' s diritti sono anche depressa dalla discriminazione razziale. una donna 's essere e se è accordato con lo stato a causa di disparità il colore della sua pelle o di governo ethnicitythe devono affrontare i bisogni degli individui senza parzialità come cittadini, la libertà personale e dei diritti devono essere rispettati e sostenere il re può essere paragonato a thoreau

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en frauen k\nnnten konventionell gehalten hatten sie nicht von einer der formen der buddhistischen praxis oder aus dem endziel dieser praktiken (i. e, befreiung von allen formen menschlichen leidens ausgeschlossen werden. diese position war konsistent mit die grundlegenden philosophischen prinzipien der lehre buddhas, ja man kann es als folge der lehre von der \"nicht-selbst zu verstehen, zu verstehen, dass das individuum nicht letztendlich fest oder determinante natureto besseren verst\nndnis der komplexit\nt der integrativen geist mit
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eme in anderen organisationen vor spionage auf meine systeme und daten zu stehlen verhindern, installieren. in den verlust von daten durch die mitarbeiter zu verhindern, würde ich sicherstellen, dass die arbeitnehmer müssten eine non-disclosure agreement unterzeichnen. dies würde sicherstellen, dass andere organisationen nicht mieten meine mitarbeiter und meine technik für ihre zwecke. ich würde auch in eine rechtliche vereinbarung mit den arbeitnehmern verhindern, dass sie von der arbeit geben ...das museum für asiatische kuns
rungen was zu einer gr\n\neren wettbewerbsf\nhigkeit (wirtschaftsgeographie glossar, 1999import substitution industrialisierung (isi) als wirtschaftliche strategie zur f\nrderung der entwicklung der heimischen industrie durch begrenzung der hergestellten waren importieren. die notwendigkeit der isi umsetzung weckt aus dem glauben, dass es einen potenziellen komparativen vorteil in einigen der branchen der entwicklungsl\nnder, aber diese branchen sind zu schwach, noch mit ausl\nndischen gut etablierten konkurrieren. so wird in den erm\nglich
der den konservativen fraktionen der amerikanischen gesellschaft. in einem solchen fall ist das medium gezielt unfreundlich zu den links-nach-mittelpunkte viewthe art alterman 's erz\nhlung ist der leser str\nmung mit den gedanken er so effizient dargestellt hat. es ist eine gemeinsame vorstellung, wie bereits erw\nhnt, zu fühlen, dass die medien eine liberale institution, die vor allem unterstützt, unterstützt liberalen ist. allerdings fühlt alterman ...nameinstructor 's namecoursedatecommunity relations projektedie websites im int

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ién nos habla de cómo la gente de israel 's había sido tratado en el reino y cómo los egipcios fueron castigados por dios. el pueblo de egipto fueron fundamentales para el cumplimiento de dios 's planes para su peoplenorth áfrica estaba interactuando con sus continentes vecinos con mayor frecuencia en comparación con otras partes del continente y fue más activa en el comercio por lo tanto, se han desarrollado las civilizaciones más c
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intelectual se convirtió en uno de los temas más polémicos de la ley china , tan pronto como el país abrió sus mercados a occidente desde 1979 , china ha promulgado varias leyes en las tres áreas principales de la propiedad intelectual - . . marcas comerciales , derechos de autor y las patentes pesar de los intentos agresivos de la asamblea popular nacional s (apn ) y el consejo de estado para adoptar leyes y regulaciones que protegen
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que es la aplicación correcta para la palabra, mientras que otros cayeron no lo es. más aún, son aquellos que sienten que la idea es wrongintellectual derechos de propiedad han sido un actor fundamental en la promoción del desarrollo económico. sin embargo, en ser patentado, y el derecho industrial debe cumplir con los siguientes requisitos. deben tener novedad debería ser una actividad inventiva y ser susceptible de aplicación indus
mientos. anillo de boda simboliza los lazos de un soldado tuvo con su esposa, con su familia y sus hijos que era una se\nal para él que alguien lo estaba esperando en casa, en un símbolo de todo lo que él defendió. y, de acuerdo a la escritura howard 's, mientras que en t 1940 dos anillos de boda hadn 'sido una costumbre, pero en a finales y principios cuadragésimo quincuagésimo apareció en las ceremonias de boda en manos de católicos

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