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Thanks for supporting LGBTQ+ youth!
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We're glad you're a part
of the movement.

We appreciate your continued support of our mission to promote equity for LGBTQ+ youth in the Inland Northwest. Continue your investment in LGBTQ+ youth equity and donate today!

Over the last 30 years, Odyssey has worked alongside community members like you to promote equity for LGBTQ+ youth throughout the Inland Northwest. As 2023 approaches, we’d like to invite you to continue your investment in Odyssey’s programs and resources.


Throughout the last few years, LGBTQ+ youth have faced increased isolation and unique struggles due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re glad to say that 2022 was a year of reunion, reconnection, and celebration. Odyssey proudly welcomed back all of our in-person programs, including four nights of drop-in every week at the center in the South Perry District. This year saw record attendance numbers in both youth and young adult programs, demonstrating a deep need for LGBTQ+ youth to find connection and community. Many of Odyssey’s events returned to in-person settings, as well. Youth Queer Prom saw 200 youth from over a dozen high schools join together to celebrate and reconnect with each other. In August, Odyssey participants and community supporters gathered to commemorate Odyssey’s 30th anniversary with a brunch event at the Ruby River Hotel, where we heard stories from youth participants and alums about their Odyssey experiences and spent time talking about Odyssey’s vision for the next thirty years.


Alongside reflecting on and celebrating the past, we’re excited to prepare for the future with the growth of Odyssey’s staff and programs. In August, Odyssey welcomed an LGBTQ+ Youth Systems Americorps VISTA service member onto the team to work with area schools and provide support for local Gender & Sexuality Alliances. In addition, a new Young Adult Peer Facilitator position was added to Odyssey’s staff, ensuring that the young adult drop-in program remains peer-led. September saw the inaugural round of Odyssey’s GSA Fund; six schools from across Spokane County received financial support for their GSA programs. Thanks to your support, amazing work is happening at Odyssey, in our schools, and across our community.


As the new year approaches, Spokane’s LGBTQ+ youth need your support! You can continue to help provide these essential programs and resources by donating securely online at or using the enclosed envelope. 


Thanks for being a part of the movement as we continue to work together to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ youth and young adults in the Inland Northwest.

Ian Sullivan


Executive Director

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