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Odyssey's main focus is our youth & young adult drop-in program, featuring activities and resources for local LGBTQ+ youth and young adults. During drop-in, participants can enjoy a hot meal & snacks, activities such as arts & crafts or video games, and programs on topics such as LGBTQ+ history and cultural education. Participants can check out Odyssey's resources at any time during drop-in; check out the Basic Needs Program description below for more information on resources.

*Please note: Odyssey's staff offices and drop-in program are closed on most federal holidays. For the most up-to-date information on open hours, follow us on social media!

Drop-In Program


Odyssey maintains the Basic Needs Program to help offer essential resources & support to LGBTQ+ youth and young adults in the Inland Northwest region. This program provides a number of resources that can be accessed at Odyssey's center in the South Perry District during our drop-in hours (see above). For any resources we don't have available at the drop-in center, Odyssey staff are happy to provide referrals for youth & young adults to a variety of community partners. Check out the list of resources we can offer you and be sure to email us at if you need a referral!

What can I get from Odyssey's Basic Needs program?

  • Gender-Affirming Apparel

  • Hygiene Items

  • Menstrual Supplies

  • Food & Snacks

  • School & Art Supplies

  • Safer Sex Supplies

  • Bus Passes

  • LGBTQ+ Books

We can also provide referrals to community resources such as housing support, food access, LGBTQ+ affirming therapists, gender-affirming care providers, SUD treatment & recovery services, and more!
Need a referral? Email us at

Basic Needs


Odyssey is excited to present our newest program, Inclusive Schools! This program provides guidance & resources to local LGBTQ+ students, their GSAs (Gender & Sexuality Alliances), and their supportive staff & educators. From the Odyssey GSA Fund, which provides microgrants to Spokane's GSA clubs to help support their student-led activities, to biyearly school packets with educational resources and Pride swag items, we're working to ensure that LGBTQ+ students have the support they need to thrive in schools. Want to get in touch with us regarding the Inclusive Schools program? Email us at!

Inclusive Schools
Parent FAQ

Parent, Guardian, & Supportive Adult FAQ

Q: "When/where is drop-in?

Q: "What happens at drop-in?"

A: Drop-in is a youth-led, adult-supported space where youth can participate in programs & activities and access a variety of basic needs resources. Each drop-in evening features both unstructured time for youth to socialize and take advantage of the amenities in the space such as video game systems, art supplies, and more, as well as structured programming featuring everything from cultural education to team building. We offer a hot meal halfway through the evening, and youth are invited to take part in cooking, cleaning, and other tasks to help develop life skills & personal autonomy. The drop-in center is filled with resources for youth to take as needed, including a gender-affirming clothing closet, hygiene supplies, school & arts items, and more. There is always at least one staff member and several background checked volunteer mentors on site to ensure youth remain safe and the space is affirming of all participants in drop-in. Staff and volunteer mentors utilize Group Agreements, created alongside drop-in participants, to enforce boundaries and rules so that all youth attending drop-in can stay safe & affirmed.

Q: "Are parents/guardians allowed to stay for drop-in?"

A: Parents/guardians are welcome to stay for a tour of the drop-in center when dropping off a youth participant! After the tour concludes, we ask parents/guardians to depart in order to keep the drop-in space focused on youth.

Q: "Do I need to sign any kind of permission slip for my child to attend Odyssey's drop-in program?"

A: We do not require parents/guardians to provide written permission for youth to attend Odyssey. As a drop-in model, youth participants are able to attend the hours that work for them each evening.

Q: "Is there any cost associated with Odyssey's drop-in programs?"

A: There is no cost associated with Odyssey’s drop-in programs. The services and resources we provide are free in order to ensure low-barrier access to support for LGBTQ+ youth. Youth events, like our annual Youth Queer Prom, do have a cost associated, but we typically offer sponsored tickets for youth who cannot afford to attend. Money should never be a barrier to LGBTQ+ youth participating in Odyssey programs.

Q: "I believe that my child/my child's support system needs some extra help. What can Odyssey do to help us?"

A: Odyssey can provide youth attendees with a number of resources at drop-in, including gender-affirming apparel, food/snacks/a hot meal, hygiene supplies, school supplies, and more. Odyssey staff can also provide referrals to external resources as needed to help support your child, you, and your support system. Some examples of frequent referrals include food banks, mental health counseling, behavioral health services, gender-affirming medical care, and housing resources.

Q: "When/where is drop-in?"

A: Odyssey’s youth drop-in program for ages 13-18 takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3-8PM at the Odyssey drop-in center, located in the South Perry district of Spokane, Washington (address: 1121 South Perry Street, Spokane WA 99202). We are located within a block of the 45 and 247 bus routes. There is ample parking surrounding the building on 12th Ave and Perry Street. As a drop-in model, youth participants are able to attend the hours that work for them each evening.

Q: "How do you support youth who are at risk or in crisis?"

A: Odyssey staff & mentors receive special training to help support at-risk youth during drop-in and connect them with resources to utilize outside of drop-in hours, such as the Trevor Project crisis line. We follow best practice for youth in crisis by connecting youth with emergency services, mental health counseling, and other crisis support when deemed necessary. In a crisis, staff will attempt to de-escalate and identify a safety plan with the young person. If staff is unable to de-escalate the young person and safety plan, staff will call the designated emergency contact for the young person. The call will inform the emergency contact of concerns and any next steps staff have identified. When deemed necessary for the safety of the young person, Odyssey staff will call emergency services in addition to calling their emergency contact.  

Q: "How can my child get ahold of me if they need to during drop-in?"

A: We welcome youth to bring their personal devices to drop-in in order to stay in contact with parents/guardians as needed. We also maintain a phone line in the drop-in center that youth can use to contact parents/guardians when needed.

Q: "I have more questions! Who should I talk to?"

A: We value our local supportive parents/guardians and we’d love to hear from you! Email us at with further questions. Call 509.325.3637 to reach the Odyssey phone tree. Ext 106 directs calls to the drop-in center during open hours and Ext 105 directs calls to staff during office hours.  

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