Friends of OYM;

Thank you for being a part of Odyssey Youth Movement, promoting equity for LGBTQ+ youth right here in the Inland Northwest. Please continue to support our mission by making a donation today!

This summer, Odyssey continues to host our cornerstone Drop-In programing virtually, while our Basic Needs program has expanded to better support the youth and their households. Digital Drop-In is comprised of familiar Odyssey traditions such as nightly check-in as well as youth-led programs including topics of communication, advocacy, life skills, healthy relationships, and LGBTQ+ history & culture. These programs are meant as a safe space for youth participants to learn, grow, and be challenged. Odyssey needs your help to make sure we can reach even more LGBTQ+ youth with these programs each week. 


The Odyssey Basic Needs program has grown as a result of the pandemic as the needs of youth participants and their families rise. Staff and volunteers make weekly deliveries to youth stretching from Cheney to Deer Park to East Valley. These COVID safe porch deliveries include materials to fully participate in digital drop-in programs as well as food, bus passes, clothing, and hygiene supplies. With your support, we can continue this service into the winter months and ensure our youth and their families have what they need not just to survive, but to thrive. 


Odyssey and Spokane’s LGBTQ+ youth need you.  We need you to invest in a future of thriving LGBTQ+ youth throughout the Inland Northwest. You can do so by donating securely online on the form to your left.  


Please give today and be a part of a movement continuing to work through a pandemic and physical distancing to meet the needs of our LGBTQ+ youth including basic material needs, community connections, and skill building. 

Invest In LGBTQ+ Youth Today!