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Black Lives Matter

Dear Odyssey,

Many have participated and observed demonstrations over the last few days against police aggression, violence, bias, and racism, specifically against black lives. Protests recognized the murders of George Floyd as well as Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and many others.  

We recognize the magnitude of our community coming together as we did on Sunday. As we move forward we can not, and should not, tell people how to grieve or process their feelings. Odyssey continues to make space for LGBTQ+ youth to ask questions, process, and learn about what’s going on in their world.  The staff is now reaching out to all of you to continue that work.  

If you are struggling to understand or are questioning the appropriateness of the anger and riots you see in our city streets, remember that our own LGBTQ+ history was catapulted forward by riots against discrimination and aggression by the police.  The Stonewall Riots were FIVE days of violent protests in June of 1969, and the LGBTQ+ community has marked June as Pride month ever since in remembrance of those protests.  Stonewall was not an isolated incident as three years previously, Transgender activists fought back against police agression and biased arrests at Compton’s Cafeteria in San Francisco, launching decades of Trans led activism. 

Odyssey stands with our blacks siblings, recognizing the need to end systemic racism in every part of our community. As we celebrate Pride Month, a commemoration of a riot started by Queer and Trans People of Color, what will each of you do to combat racism in our institutions?  Beyond a social media profile, how will you show that Black Lives Matter? What courageous conversations will you have in your own circles about biased language and assumptions?  

Black Lives Matter

Ian Sullivan Sevan Bussell

Executive Director Director of Adovcacy and Education

Looking for where to start?  Below are some ideas, but these are just the beginning.

Graphics provided by Black Lives Matter

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